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Marian Catholic Philosophy

Marian Catholic High School is a Springfield Dominican, college preparatory, coeducational high school community. As a Catholic school, Marian accepts its mission to "teach as Jesus did," to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, and to create a community of service-oriented believers. As a Dominican school, Marian follows the model of St. Dominic who dedicated his life to the pursuit of Truth in its spiritual, intellectual, moral, and social dimension. This search for Truth in the Holy Spirit leads to God through Jesus Christ, who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

As a college preparatory high school, Marian Catholic develops in students essential skills for post-secondary education. These skills include inductive and deductive logic, critical thinking, research principles, and communication skills, both oral and written. In addition, Marian recognizes individual intellectual differences and has a flexible curriculum of liberal, fine, and practical arts which serves students' particular needs and opens them to a variety of career choices.

As a coeducational high school, Marian Catholic provides a Christian atmosphere in which students can develop relationships based on trust, respect, and appreciation of individual gifts. Marian recognizes and accepts the contradictions and conflicts inherent in the transition period of adolescence. Marian helps students to develop decision-making skills, to accept responsibility, to respect authority, and to contribute to a just and dynamic society.

These Dominican, college preparatory, and coeducational dimensions create the special community of Marian students supported by Christian administrators, faculty, staff, and parents. Each member of this faith community is a sacred reality, created by a loving God. Relationships among members are based on Christian love, mutual respect, and trust. Together, the Marian community is called to grow in faith and to lead lives of service to God and to others.

Adopted 1/77, Revised 1/86, Reviewed 10/93, 6/02

Springfield Dominican Philosophy of Education

The Springfield Dominican Philosophy of Education finds its expression in the Gospel Message, in the recommendations encouraged in TO TEACH AS JESUS DID, in SHARING THE LIGHT OF FAITH, and in the spirit of St. Dominic, which of its very nature is ever contemporary and committed to the search for and the dissemination of truth.

With these sources as her inspiration and in a spirit of prayerful contemplation and study, the Springfield Dominican responds joyfully to the Lord's command to "go and teach all nations." She recognizes the potential of each member of society and the inalienable right of its members to an education commensurate with individual abilities.

The Springfield Dominican strives to teach that each person is a creature of God, precious in His sight, destined for eternal happiness, and a participant in the building of Christian society. She seeks to bring others to think rightly, to deliberate prudently and to act responsibly in truth concerning issues both of a personal and societal nature. She endeavors to spread the message of Christ in a manner which will flourish as a community of love characterized by service, justice, and peace.