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Advance Placement Program

Marian Catholic offers a comprehensive Advanced Placement program that includes 22 AP courses for the 2017-18 academic year.  Although the AP program is rigorous, it provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves and potentially earn college credit. At Marian Catholic, GPA criteria and teacher approval determine AP course enrollment. Students enrolled in AP courses also incur a fee from the College Board. The College Board oversees both SAT testing and the AP program each year. They set the prices for exam fees. For 2018 testing administration, the fee per exam is $94.

AP courses culminate with a comprehensive exam in May. The test date for each subject is absolute. Marian Catholic’s exam policy is quite simple: if a student enrolls in an AP course, they agree to take the exam in May. The score received on the exam correlates to what credit, if any, they receive from a college. While grades in AP classes are weighted, they have no bearing on whether or not a student qualifies for college credit.

Marian Catholic’s calendar for the 2017-18 AP administration is outlined below. Students will be apprised of necessary actions as the timeline dictates. In the rare occurrences where a student does not take the exam in May, they will forfeit the test fee and potentially lose the weighted portion of their letter grade in the course.

Marian Catholic's Timeline:

Sept-Oct: AP students notified if they are eligible to receive a fee reduction

November: AP test fees applied to tuition bills

January: AP Bulletin for Students and Parents distributed to students

April: AP pre-administration session conducted

May: AP exams administered over a two-week period (May 7-May 18, 2018)

July: AP exam scores released (information and link on Marian Catholic website)