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Online eDirectory

The Marian Catholic Alumni Association is launching a free, private e-directory for our alumni, staff and friends.  The directory will list and categorize services and products offered by alumni and help connect those who have a need with those who have the ability to help.  It is simply a way to encourage our alumni to use and support each other.

Our new eDirectory has three sections:

  • Employment listing – If you are in between careers, browse for job openings and create a profile with your work history.  If your company is looking to hire, create a listing to let other alumni know what you are looking for.
  • Non-professional listing – Alumni can offer their services and products.  There is a category for members to volunteer their skills and abilities and a category for members to list immediate needs. There is also a place to list items you have to donate, lend or sell.
  • Professional listing – Instead of turning to another referral source, find a trusted professional from our group.  Create a business profile which includes your name, contact information, headshot or logo, web address and a brief bio.

When a profile is created, it will be sent to the Advancement Department to be approved before it is published.  This will ensure that only those invited to join will have access and that all listings are appropriate.  You will receive an email when your listing has been approved.  Connecting with people we trust is important.

Connect with other alumni today!

Disclaimer: The profiles in this eDirectory are made by alumni of Marian Catholic High School who may own businesses or provide various services.  A link to the eDirectory is included as a convenience.  Marian Catholic High School and its Board of Directors have not screened these business providers and neither approve nor disapprove of the services, products or transactions they propose.  Marian Catholic High School, any entity associated with Marian Catholic High School, the officers, directors, staff or members have not recommended or endorsed any of the services or products offered and as such are not responsible for any consequences relative to the transactions and agreements they may generate.