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Hall of Fame


Thursday, February 4, 2016
Olympia Fields Country Club

(Meet the 2016 inductees)

Hall of Fame 2016 Videos

The following six members of the Marian Catholic Community will be recognized for their accomplishments at the 2016 Hall of Fame on Thursday, February 4, 2016, at Olympia Fields Country Club.

2016 Marian Hall of Fame Class

Tom Zarlengo '80
Alumnus of the Year

Blase Pignotti '71
Athlete of the Year

Nancy Mirocha
Fine Arts Achievement

Ron Centanni
Spirit of Marian

Valerie and Drew Middleton
Spirit of Marian


The 2015 Hall of Fame class incluark Weishaar and Danded (seated) Charles Misovye, Joseph Klupchak,
(standing) John Kozojed, Mie Mulhollan.
(Meet the 2015 Hall of Famers)     Videos

2014 Hall of Fame Winners

(2014 Hall of Famers | Hall of Fame Videos)

2014 Hall of Famers: James Martin, Fine Arts Achievement; Ruth Kmak '88, Athlete of the Year; Mickey Griffin '93, Athlete of the Year; Sr. Barbara Blesse, OP, Spirit of Marian; Dr. Thomas Fagan '82, Alumnus of the Year.

The annual Alumni Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony is the cornerstone of Alumni Association activities. Nominations for the following categories are currently being sought:

Alumna / Alumnus of the Year Award*
This award honors an alumna/alumnus who has contributed outstanding and distinguished service in his/her chosen profession and who reflects honorably on Marian Catholic High School.

Spirit of Marian Award*+
This award honors an alumna/alumnus, staff member or friend of Marian who best exemplifies the Dominican traditions of unselfish service to others and outstanding contribution to Marian, his/her community, or church.

Athlete of the Year Award*+
This award honors the accomplishments of an individual who has participated in the Marian Catholic High School athletic program and has achieved a high level of recognition in athletics, either professionally, collegiately, or at Marian.

Fine Arts Distinguished Achievement Award*+
This award honors the achievement of an individual in the Fine Arts—drama, art, music, broadcasting and choral. A nominee should have achieved a high level of recognition in his/her particular field.

* Marian alumnae/alumni must be at least five years from graduation.
+ Staff members must have served a minimum of three years.

All award winners must be able to attend the Awards Dinner.

Click here for a nomination form.

For more information on the Hall of Fame, contact Dan Kozlowski at (708) 996-4652 or

Previous Hall of Fame Winners
Year Alumnus of the Year Fine Arts Achievement
1994 Dr. Anthea Rosati Bojar '65 Greg Bimm
1995 Dr. Mark Talamonti '74 Patrick Strzelec '74
1996 Mary Ann & Tim O'Hea '62, '63 Leonard Ignelzi '65
1997 John Ferrari '63 Dr. Carolyn Jean Kampe '62
1998 Cathy Schulze Coll '68 Timothy Mulholland '72
1999 Michael Fagan '70 Lisa Kristina '78
2000 Catherine Leinen Bissoondial '64 Teri J. McDermott '70
2001 Dean Bartolini '64 Liese Ricketts '66
2002 John E. Glennon '70 Diane Clark Maielli '68
2003 Jeff LaPorte '76 James O'Brien '71
2004 Derek Mosley `88 John Lustig `84
2005 Chris Cummings `76 Paul Pabst `87
2006 Dr. Alex Panio, Jr. '62 Bernie Jablonski
2007 Gregg Bendrick, MD '80 James McAteer '89
2008 Camille Zarantonello Blachowicz Ph.D. '62 Colin Egglesfield '91
2010 Charles Gallagher '77 Joseph Urschel '70
2011 Michael Bruni '86 Dr. Adam Brennan '82
2012 Dennis and Kristin Cortes '82, '82 Ann Healey Bowen '87
2013 Vince Krydynski '81 Bobby Lambert
2014 Dr. Thomas Fagan '82 James Conroyd Martin
2015 Daniel Mulhollan '62 Charles Misovye '78
2016 Thomas Zarlengo '80 Nancy Mirocha
Year Athlete of the Year Spirit of Marian
1994 Dave Mattio '66  
1995 Michael Prior '81 Fr. Raymond Nugent
1996 Terry Flanagan '62 Bob Bergstrom
1997 Dr. Lee Albrecht John "Leo" Cleary
1998 Stefanie Guillen Jones '85 Mike Goldrick
1999 John Holecek '90 Jack F. Heneghan
2000 Mike Feminis '86 Sue McCollam Yant '69
2001 Don Berg Bro. Michael Quirk, FSC '70
2002 Kathryn Gleason '92 James Dee '80
2003 Greg Damiani '76 Joe Coatar '69
2004 Rick Klupchak `70 Mary Margaret Flanagan
2005 Robert Voss Joe & Sue Beaudry `67, `67
2006 Shannon Reidy '90 Norman Bates
2007 Mary Ann Daviera Angellotti '85 Mary Jenson Camp '83
2008 Lisa Boyd Piekarski '87 James & Anita Jackson
2010 Rodney Harrison '91 Sr. Judith Anne Haase, O.P.
2011 Tim Swanson '86 Sr. Dorothy Marie Solak, O.P.
2012 Jim Poynton '85 Judith Welsh '68
2013 John Finnin '78 Ed Szymanski '78,
Sr. Marion Sitkiewitz, O.P.
2014 Mickey Griffin '93
Ruth Kmak '88
Sr. Barbara Blesse, O.P.
2015 Joseph Klupchak '85
Mark Weishaar '76
John Kozojed
2016 Blase Pignotti '71 Ron Centanni
Valerie and Drew Middleton
Lifetime Achievement
Eileen Coatar
Geri Peters
Harriet Nortman
Harvey Mazur
Americo "Pops" Mattio
Walt Edmisten
Sr. Gloria Hanley, O.P.
Sr. M. Blaise Galloway, O.P.
Lyndon "Stretch" Waller
Sr. Margaret Rose Aultz, O.P.
Connor and Anne Loesch
Joe Dee
Rev. William O'Mara
Sr. Agnes Ann Pisel, O.P.