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athletico ATHLETICO Physical Therapy is the Athletic Training provider for Marian Catholic High School. Please click on the logo (left) to visit the Athletico web site.

Athletico Physical Therapy as a Resource for Concussion Management at Marian Catholic High School

Concussions are a hot topic and an injury that should be regarded with great concern, especially in young athletes who are still developing physically. This is why Athletico Physical Therapy keeps pace with the latest technology and techniques in detecting and managing concussions.

The most recent addition to Athletico Physical Therapy’s Head Injury and Concussion Management Program is Brain Network Activation™ Testing, or BNA™ Testing. This cutting edge technology allows us to gain full insight into brain function as the test reads and measures neural activity.

The benchmark BNA™ test takes about 30 minutes and is good for up to one year. Follow up testing is performed after a head injury is sustained to compare pre and post-injury brain activity. These results allow the physician and rest of the sports medicine team to have a better understanding of an athlete’s brain function before and after a head injury.  BNA™ tests are not sport specific and can be used for any non-sport injury as well.

Concussions and How Athletico Can Help

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