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Leadership Program

"Our Catholic young men and women need an integrated, sustained, sequential, and powerful experience of what it means to lead, discovering how their gifts can be used with integrity in service to others. In the spirit of St. Dominic, each is called ‘to preach the truth in love."

- Sr. M. Paul McCaughey, O.P. ’67, Former President, Marian Catholic High School

An ethics-based, research-driven, and community-centered leadership training program has been initiated that will touch the life of each student at Marian Catholic High School. The goal of the Marian Catholic Leadership Center (MCLC) Program is to develop a well-rounded leadership experience to improve our students’ personal leadership skills, develop their sense of community responsibility, and educate them on the importance of ethics and Christian service.

The key principles of student leadership to be reflected in the Marian Catholic Leadership activities and programs include:

  • All students have the potential to develop leadership skills over time
  • All students have the right to develop and demonstrate leadership skills
  • The programs will be supported by students, parents, teachers, the school and the community
  • Leadership opportunities need to be offered in ways to encourage participation by all with no discrimination
  • Leadership roles in a school need to be perceived as valuable by the students and the school
  • Those who lead deserve training in ethics and the best practices of good leaders


The new Marian Catholic Leadership Center / Student Union opened to students in the 2007/2008 school year. The 15,000 square foot Student Union is a gracious but technologically cutting edge space which serves in service speakers for our ethics based, research driven and community centered leadership training program that will touch the life of each Marian Catholic student. The facility allows multiple uses including a student cafeteria and space for student and alumni activities.