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Marian Catholic’s
Spartan Summer Academy

Science Technology Engineering Art Math Athletics


STEM Academy: Education is a verb, not a noun!

The STEM Academy is designed to bring science, technology, engineering and math to LIFE! Phrases like “tinkering”; “failing forward”; and “trial and error” are key and will be used often in our program.

Classroom instruction, experiments, and research will occur Monday through Thursday with Fridays dedicated to a field trip.

Athletic Academy: Competition and being on a team is fun…..but its even more fun when you improve your skills! Come learn from some of the best coaches and sports programs in the state!

Students can choose to participate in:

Spartan Academy is for students entering grades 1-8 (as of fall 2017)

Full Day Option : 8:30am to 4:30pm ($225 / week), before and after care available ($35 / week).

Register Now!

Payment is due in full when registering for 2 weeks, or less, of programs. For students registering for 3 or more weeks, a non-refundable deposit of $225 is due at the time of registration. The remaining balance will be placed into a payment plan structure with payments due on April 1, May 1, and June 1. Balances for all programs must be paid by June 1 in order to complete enrollment and guarantee student placement.

No sibling or multi-student registration discounts will be offered. Moreover, the weekly tuition costs include books, supplies, snacks, beverages, and activity/sports fees. Students will be responsible for bringing a peanut-free sack lunch each day.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Marian Catholic. If cancellation occurs any time prior to April 1st, all payments, less the deposit, will be refunded. If cancellation occurs any time between April 2nd and May 1st, 30% of the program fees will be withheld. If cancellation occurs after May 2nd, 60% of the program fees will be withheld. No refunds will be provided after June 1st.


Week 2: June 19 - June 23

Top Crop: Farming for the Future…via an App

Course Description: Online and mobile games put students right in the middle of figuring out solutions to real-world challenges. Through utilizing the Top Crop app, students will learn to balance crop yields and sustainability along with how farms feed the world.

Week 3.5: July 5- July 7

Lego Robotics: Animal Allies Supercharged

Course Description: Week 2 of the Lego Robotics build. Prepare a presentation to share your work with judges at a tournament. Your presentation may include posters, slideshows, models, multimedia clips, props, costumes, and more. Lets be creative, but make sure to introduce your problem, solution, and how you plan to share your invention.

Week 4: July 10- 14

Outbreak! Infectious Diseases

Course Description: Explore the characteristics of different diseases and how they affect mankind. How exactly does a person catch a cold? Are cows really mad and do they spread Mad Cow disease? Examine the science of how microorganisms spread from animals to people, from person to person, and from place to place.

Week 5: July 17- July 21

Creating a Movie Blockbuster

Course Description: Lights, Camera, Action! Its time to create a Stop Motion animation film. After being introduced to the concepts of digital storytelling, students will dream up a fiction or non-fiction piece, create a story board, build a set, and film a 30 second piece.

Week 6: July 24 - July 28

Sports Engineering and Design

Course Description: Let’s design, create, and 3D print our own golf course! We’ll learn about ball design and materials, measuring the rebound of sports balls, investigating energy absorption, and research sports materials to design a mini-golf course.

Week 7: July 31 – August 4

Marine Life Exploration

Course Description: 70% of the Earth’s surface is water. 95% of that water hasn’t been explored. Come and learn about the alien world of the oceans and the creatures that live beneath the surface. Fish and squid dissections aplenty!


Week 1 June 12 - June 16

STEM Curriculum: The Great Outdoors

Sports Options: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball (7-8 only), Girls Softball, Football

Week 2: June 19 - June 23

STEM Curriculum: Top Crop: Farming for the Future

Sports Option: Boys Basketball, Golf, Tennis

Week 3: June 26- June 30

STEM Curriculum: Lego Robotics: Animal Allies Challenge

Sports Option: Baseball, Boys Basketball (1-6 only)

Week 3.5: July 5- July 7

STEM Curriculum: Lego Robotics: Animal Allies Supercharged

Sports Option: No sports options available due to 4th of July

Week 4: July 10- July 14

STEM Curriculum: Infectious Diseases

Sports Option: Cheerleading, Volleyball, Fencing

Week 5: July 17- July 21

STEM Curriculum: Making a Movie Blockbuster

Sports Option: Fencing, Lacrosse

Week 6: July 24 - July 28

STEM Curriculum: Sports Engineering and Design

Sports Option: Sports speed and agility

Week 7 July 31 - August 4

STEM Curriculum: Marine Life Exploration

Sports Options: Soccer