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Registration Procedures

For specific course listings, see the page for the Department that offers the course


Marian Catholic High School's curriculum emphasizes college preparatory courses. Graduation requirements as stated fulfill requirements for state colleges, but the college admission process is strengthened by additional courses in math, science, social studies, and language. Since Marian Catholic serves students of diverse talents, electives appeal to the individual without sacrificing a college preparatory focus.

Guidance counselors are available to help plan a student's program of study. It is the student's responsibility to check the required courses and credits, both for graduation and for admission to colleges under consideration. All students are required to enroll in six subjects; however, students who have a 2.5 GPA or above may enroll in a seventh class with counselor approval.

A minimum of 23 credits is required for graduation.

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses carry a weighted grade with the exception of D- and F grades. Courses indicated as "Advanced Placement" are college-level courses. Students enrolled in an A.P. course are expected to take the Advanced Placement Exam which may make them eligible for college credit.

Teacher signatures are required of currently enrolled students in most subjects.

Summer school is used extensively for enrichment and advancement. Any course taken for credit during summer school or at a secondary summer school other than Marian Catholic (or at a junior college) must receive prior approval.

If a student fails a required course or falls behind in credits, he/she is placed on probation and must make up the course to reenter the following fall.


Counselors explain the course of study to classes and are available to both parents and students during the registration process. Any questions about the course of study or credits should be directed to the guidance counselor or the Academic Dean. The instructor's or Department Director's approval is needed for enrollment in some classes; a parent's signature is required on the course registration sheet. Students should refer to the registration sheet for further detailed guidelines. The $300 registration fee is submitted with the course requests. Late registration fee is $50. See registration form for deadline.


Preliminary schedules are given to students in the spring and adjustments may be made at that time. Student initiated schedule changes are rarely allowed after June 1. The final schedule may; however, be impacted by second semester grades and other prerequisites. Students receive a final schedule in July. The student handbook outlines policies and fees for course changes.


For specific course listings, see the page for the Department that offers the course.

Appeals to placement and course acceptances are usually made to the Department Chairperson.

  • Art: Mrs. DiGiovanni (Room 320)
  • Band: Mr. Bimm (Room 370)
  • Computer Concepts & Applications: Mr. Thomas (Room 208)
  • AP Computer Science A: Mr. Carlson (Room 313)
  • Discovery in Service: Mrs. Gordon (Campus Ministry Office)
  • World Languages: Current Teacher
  • AP English 3 Language and Composition: Sophomore English Teacher
  • AP English 4 Literature and Composition: Junior English Teacher
  • Mathematics: Current Teacher
  • Micro / Macro Economics AP: Mr. Becvar (Room 116)
  • Performing Arts: Mr. Donaway (Room 323)
  • AP Psychology: Ms. Evans (Room 310)
  • AP World History: Ms. Mueller (Room 111 or 310)
  • Science: Current Teacher
  • Human Anatomy / Physiology (all levels): Mrs. Savick (Room 404)
  • Spartan Choir: Mrs. Jakubisin (Room 339)
  • AP U.S. History: Sophomore English Teacher
  • AP European History: Mr. Taylor (Room 312 or Coach's Office)
  • AP Chemistry: Mr. Zerante (Room 409)